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The Stop Russian Gold Act

The Stop Russian GOLD Act of 2022 (U.S. Senate Bill S.3771) is a proposed  bill that would close a loophole in existing restrictions on Russia by imposing secondary sanctions on anyone transacting with or transporting gold from Russia's Central Bank holdings or selling gold physically or electronically in Russia. 

At the time of this writing the bill has 10 cosponsors and enjoys bipartisan support. Here is a link where you can see if your senator is one of the cosponsors of this bill.

While the bill alone is not sufficient to stop all trade in Russian gold, it is a significant improvement over the current situation.

Furthermore, if the bill is passed into law it would direct the U.S. Treasury Department to develop clear compliance guidelines for U.S. citizens, to ensure Americans avoid unknowingly investing in or transacting with Russian gold.

How You Can Help

Encourage your senator to cosponsor and/or support the bill. Ask your employees and business associates to reach out to their senators as well.

We have made outreach as easy as possible for you. We have prepared a pre-written letter that you can copy and paste into your own email. Simply fill in your own name, title, and business name, and add any personal details if you wish. 

If you are not sure how to contact your senator, we have also provided a link to a site that will look up your legislators based on your voting address.

Please take 10 minutes to look up your senator, copy the letter, and send it. Every effort we make to reduce Russia's ability to fund its military aggression against Ukraine could save a Ukrainian citizen's life.

Thank you.

Do you know of a policy action taking place in your country or region that could use citizen and/or industry support? Please share the information! We'd love to help create awareness.